Your daily supply of vitamin C

One vitamin single-handedly provides a range of benefits throughout the body. This is vitamin C. Present in many foods, it is easily dispersible due to the excessive exposure of food to air, contact with metal containers and prolonged cooking times.

What is C Cristallina?

C Cristallina is a powdered vitamin C (ascorbic acid) supplement obtained from the natural fermentation of GMO-free corn. Half of the vitamin is also present in the form of calcium ascorbate, which is less acidic and is better tolerated by some.  It is produced in accordance with high quality standards, without the use of allergens. Its pleasant lemon flavour makes it suitable for children.

Use and mechanism of action

Vitamin C is a crucial vitamin as it cannot be produced in the body.

A crucial function of vitamin C is linked to the formation of collagen, an essential protein for the skin’s connective tissue, the ligaments and the bones.

A severe vitamin C deficiency, known as ‘scurvy’, manifests with bleeding gums, hair and tooth loss, impaired wound healing, widespread bruising, capillary fragility and bleeding, joint pain and muscle weakness.

Suggested use: one dose of powder daily (about 1 g) to be dissolved in water or fruit juice, using the measuring spoon provided.