D 300
A ray of daily sunshine

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Vitamin D can be obtained through both diet and sun exposure. The more pigmented the skin, the less vitamin D needs to be introduced through diet. Do you know that the suntan lotions with a protection factor greater than eight prevent the synthesis of this extraordinary vitamin?

What is D300?

D300 is a vitamin D supplement that is produced in accordance with high quality standards. It is allergen-free and not GMO.

Use and mechanism of action

Vitamin D is a panacea for the growth and overall welfare of our body. It is involved in the normal absorption and use of key minerals such as calcium and phosphorus. This is why it actively helps to maintaining a stable nervous system and normal cardiac activity and blood coagulation.

When growing up we were all repeatedly told that vitamin D “strengthens the bones”. Its well-known use for supporting the health and growth of the bones is linked to its ability to maintain normal calcium levels in the blood. It helps to synthesise those enzymes present in the mucosa that are responsible for the active transport of available calcium. Its main function is, in fact, promoting bone mineralisation. Teeth also benefit from the use of this important vitamin. In parallel, vitamin D is needed for child growth, because teeth and bones fail to sufficiently calcify without it. Some studies have shown that vitamin D also serves to prevent tooth decay and periodontal disease, an inflammation of the gingival tissue.

Vitamin D helps treat and prevent rickets, treat osteomalacia in adults and protect menopausal women against osteoporosis. It also helps muscle function and strengthens the immune system.

Suggested use: 1-3 capsules daily, with a  large glass of water, preferably at mealtimes.