Protection against winter ailments

Echinacea was a great ally of native Indians in the temperate areas of North America, who used for healing wounds and treating snake bites. Colonisation brought in Europe where its efficacy as an adjuvant remedy against colds and fevers was discovered.

What is Echinacea Complex?

Echinacea Complex is an Echinacea angustifoglia, Echinacea purpurea and Rosa canina supplement. These plants have a synergistic effect that supports the body’s natural defences. It is produced in accordance with high quality standards, with organic rice flour as the only excipient. It is allergen-free.

Use and mechanism of action

Echinacea can help protect urinary tract health and support the body’s defences in the event of upper respiratory tract conditions, especially during the winter months. Rosa Canina is a wild pink rose native to Europe and Asia. Its fruits were used by the ancient Greeks due to their staggering abundance of vitamin C. In combination, they increase the body’s natural defences, particularly upper respiratory tract (nose and throat) function.

Suggested use:  2-3 capsules daily, with a large glass of water or lukewarm herbal tea, as required.