Fuel for your muscles and more

Over 70% of the human body is made up of amino acids. L-glutamine is the most abundant of all and is present in the muscles and in the blood and, in moderate amounts, even in the nervous system, intestine, liver and heart. Hence the wide variety of processes it is involved in.

What is Glutammina?

Glutammina is a 100% pure L-glutamine supplement obtained through a natural fermentation process. It is produced in accordance with high quality standards.

Use and mechanism of action

Glutamine is an amino acid defined as semi-essential because under normal

circumstances, it is sufficiently produced in the muscles, to cope with the body’s

physiological demand. However, under stressful situations that demand high levels of glutamine, the body is not always able to adequately respond to the increased glutamine that a state of general fatigue demands. Appropriate supplementation can treat possible deficiencies and thus prevent undesirable consequences.

Glutamine is the amino acid most prevalent in the human body: it is found in the muscles, withmoderate amounts also found in the nervous system, the intestine, the liver and the heart. It is used by all cells to produce energy, particularly cells involved in immune defences.

L-glutamine is also involved in various metabolic activities, such as the formation of protein, amino-sugar (glucosamine) and glutathione, a powerful antioxidant that the body produces to combat free radicals and protect cells from oxidative damage.

L-glutamine is also involved in processes that lead to regulation of the acid-base balance: it is in fact involved in processes that lead to the conversion of toxic residues (such as ammonia) into harmless forms that are then eliminated from the body.

Suggested use:  dissolve one even coffee spoon (equal to approximately 2.5g of L-glutamine) in water, once or twice daily.