Once upon a time a healthy ally for the intestine

When we think of fermented drinks we immediately think of beer and wine, but there are many fermented drinks in the world, including the traditional bevanda del pane or bread drink.

Vitapan Plus is a non-alcoholic organic drink that contains billions of lactobacilli and is made through the long fermentation of bread made with organic grain (wheat, rye and oats), sourdough (no yeast is used), water and salt. Completely natural, with a slightly sour flavour, Vitapan Plus is enzyme-rich and contains probiotics for the balance of intestinal bacterial flora. One millilitre (two coffee spoons) contains approximately five million lactobacilli with pH 2.9 (acid) which resist stomach acid and reach the gastrointestinal tract intact.
 The presence of lactobacilli in the intestine is crucial for maintaining intestinal health. Lactobacilli are found in naturally fermented foods. Yoghurt, cheese, sauerkraut, beer, wine, and so on.
Vitapan Plus is a completely enzyme-rich food that contains probiotics and lactic acid.

Suggested use: 1/2 to 1 glass at mealtimes or at breakfast.

Can be diluted with water or other drinks.