Multi-tasking support

Zinc shares a common trait with us as it simultaneously performs many important actions. Thanks to its many and diverse biological roles in all the cells in our body, it is a key element of daily nutrition.

What is Zinco?

Zinco is a zinc supplement that is produced in accordance with high quality standards. Its only excipient is organic rice flour. Does not contain allergens or gluten.

Use and mechanism of action

Zinc is essential for protein and cell membrane structure, for the absorption and action of vitamins and other minerals and for normal immune system function. It is also an essential element of more than 200 enzymes that are responsible for digestion and metabolism. But this is just the start. Zinc is found in the structure of the superoxide dismutase (SOD), a very powerful enzyme that protects cell structures from oxidative damage. The mineral is also necessary for the action of many hormones, including insulin, the growth hormone, the sex hormones and the thymic hormones (linked to function of the thymus, a key organ in immune processes).
As if this were not enough, zinc can help support the normal fertility and reproductive capacity and can effectively promotes healthy bones, hair, skin and nails. Some studies have shown that zinc deficiency can also effect vision. And lastly, zinc plays a key role in fetal development: for example, zinc deficiency appears to be linked to premature birth and to fetal growth retardation.

Suggested use: 1 capsule daily, with a large glass of water.