25 May 2015

CurZen: improve your digestion today

Two natural remedies that have different properties generous: curcuma and ginger

– Functionality of the digestive system
– Support activities liver and gastro-intestinal tract
– Help functions osteo-articular
– Antioxidant effect
– Beneficial action on the cardiovascular function

CurZen is a supplement of ginger and curcuma (turmeric) Longvida®.
In CurZen, thanks to a patented technology, turmeric is embraced to a lipid moiety that maximizes the bioavailability of curcumin at the cellular level.
Turmeric and ginger are two plants owned by that generous act synergistically thus promoting digestive function.
Turmeric also exerts a beneficial effect on the functions performed by the liver and has an interesting antioxidant activity.
Ginger also promotes regular gastrointestinal motility and performs a support towards the cardiovascular system.

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LONGVIDA® is patent EP 1993365 and is a registered trademark of Verdure Sciences Inc.