25 May 2015

Magnesio Supremo, an optimal formula anti-stress of magnesium: Did you know?

When should you supplement your diet with magnesium?

• Stress
• Fatigue
• Headache
• Sensitiveness, nervousness
• Pre- mestrual syndrome
• Brittle Bones or Calcium deficiency
• Constipation
• Muscle spasm, cramps
• Quivers • Sleep problems
• Troubles in sleeping

When you experience on or more of these conditions, that mostly indicate a contraction phase, magnesium may be a precious help.

Why Magnesium Supremo®?

• Original formula
• Dedicated cycle of production without contaminants
• Accurate selection of raw materials
• No GMO and gluten free
• Citric acid from natural fermentation
• Optimum pH and RDA for highest assimilation

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