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A particularly difficult exam, returning to study after many years, the hectic pace of work or school, prolonged periods of stress, overwhelming responsibilities and commitments. There is just one effective remedy for all these situations.

What is Evidol Articolazioni?

Evidol Articolazioni is a food supplement based on Fortigel® (collagen), OptiMSM® (organic sulfur), glucosamine and chondroitin. Thanks also to the presence of vitamin C, which contributes to the normal formation of collagen, it is useful for the normal function of cartilages.

 Use and mechanism of action

The formula contains Fortigel®, a patented raw material based on collagen, the main protein of the osteo-articular system. Collagen is the main cartilage constituent, which must be maintained in a proper balance between degradation and regeneration.
Important studies have shown that Fortigel® is rapidly absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract, arriving in the articular areas.
Through a particular clinical study, associated with a specific magnetic resonance, it was possible to demonstrate how Fortigel® reached the cartilage, in particular between the femur and the tibia.
This exceptional result was achieved through a long study on collagen to identify the optimal size of the collagen molecules that could arrive in cartilages. In this way, Fortigel® proves to be highly specific and selective, thus requiring a lower daily dosage.
Fortigel® it would be a real help in over-50 peolpe, overweight, athletes, etc.
Furthermore, an excellent safety profile has been proven as no interactions have been recorded with drugs or other ingredients.
Vitamin C is present in the formula, which has many functions, but the main one is represented by the fact that it contributes to the normal production of collagen
To enrich the formulation there is OptiMSM® (Methyl-sulphonyl-methane), a form of easily assimilable organic sulfur obtained with the molecular distillation process that allows to separate and eliminate the contaminants that may be present in the matter before.
No interactions between OptiMSM® and drugs, herbal extracts, vitamins or other minerals were demostrated.
To complete the product profile there are glucosamine and chondroitin, structural components of the articular cartilage. Their use in food supplements in the articular area is widespread and considered safe by several studies.

Suggested use: We recommend taking one sachet per day, dissolving the powder in a glass of water, preferably away from the meal.