Your personal reserve of Vitamin E

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A few minutes is all it takes to boost your body’s well-being. This is the outcome of a study that confirms the fast absorption of vitamin E contained in high concentrations in wheat germ oil.

What is Olio di Germe di Grano?

Olio di Germe di Grano is a 100% pure wheat germ oil supplement. Wheat germ oil is the richest natural source of highly bioavailable vitamin E. At least 1,000 kg of wheat are needed to obtain 1 kg of wheat germ oil. We have opted to extract the oil using a low-temperature process to protect the integrity of the fresh raw material, while maintaining a high vitamin E content, which is, by its very nature, extremely thermolabile. More vitamin E is then added to further ensure that the structure of the unsaturated fatty acids contained in the wheat germ oil is maintained. Our supplement is strictly GMO-free.

Use and mechanism of action

Wheat germ oil and, in particular, the vitamin E it contains, has an extraordinary antioxidant power that protects our organs and tissues from the harmful effects of free radicals, the substances responsible for oxidative damage and cell aging. It is therefore a valid support for the defense of all the cells of our body. Essential fatty acids, 55-60% of which is omega-3 linoleic acid, give this oil properties that make it effective at preserving normal blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

Suggested use: 2-3 softgels daily, with a large glass of water.