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What is Omega Silver?

OMEGA SILVER is a food supplement of omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids extracted from fish. They are “essential” because we are not able to produce them.

OMEGA SILVER is produced starting from small fishes caught in pristine areas. It has high levels of fatty acids (36/24 EPA / DHA)with high bioavailability because they are in the triglycerides form (TG). The oil is subjected to a special process known as Qualitysilver®, which guarantees a greater oil stability than oxidation, and is also encapsulated in Licaps® capsules that bring an higher protection to the oil. The oil is extracted from fish caught according to Friend of the Sea© license that guarantees good fishing standards, safeguarding protected species and sea beds. The only excipients present are natural vitamin E and rosemary acid that perform the function of antioxidants.

Use and mechanism of action

Polyunsaturated omega-3 fatty acids are needed to promote cardiovascular functions, for normal brain function and visual ability, for maintaining normal blood pressure, for normal triglyceride levels. Furthermore, the mother’s intake of DHA promotes normal brain and eye development in the fetus and breast-fed infants.

Suggested use: it is advisable to intake, preferably near meals, a capsule per day for cardiovascular function support, while three capsules per day are needed to support of other actions.