The new support for gastrointestinal functions

A balanced combination of plant extracts that work in synergy to improve gastrointestinal well-being, reduce abdominal swelling and support digestive function.

What is Perlintest?

Nutrigut® is a patented Perilla frutescens extract which contributes to a good nervous balance, a very useful action at the gastrointestinal level during periods of excessive stress.

 Use and mechanism of action

Achillea is useful in promoting digestion, regular gastrointestinal motility and gas elimination.

Curcuma Longvida® is a particular Curcuma longa extract: this patented technology makes it 65 times more bioavailable than a common curcuma extract, to the digestive and hepatic function and to the general functionality of the digestive system.

Suggested use: we recommend 1 capsule near the two main meals a day.