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Potassium constitutes 5% of the body’s total mineral content. It is involved in a number of metabolic processes and in the regulation of body fluids. Potassium is lost through sweat and this is why we run the risk of troublesome symptoms in hot weather and when following an unbalanced diet.

What is Potassio Gluconato?

Potassio Gluconato is a potassium gluconate supplement that is produced in accordance with high quality standards.

Use and mechanism of action

Without going into complex physiology lessons, it is important to highlight potassium’s involvement in a great many processes on which the health and equilibrium of our body depend. Potassium, in fact, contributes to normal nervous system, the normal muscle function and helps us maintain the normal blood pressure. The body’s acid-base balance and the correct distribution of water in the body are potassium dependent. Muscle, nerve, heart, kidneys and adrenal gland cells are affected by this mineral.

Suggested use: 3-4 tablets daily, with a large glass of water.